New Truth 7 February

2 new styles in store @ 2 new styles at events this month! 

Electra - This month's Collabor88 (Open midnight 8 Feb SLT)

Samira - This month's Fameshed (will be out very soon)

Tyr - Marketplace Demo

Gretchen - Marketplace Demo



Skin: Glam Affair, Sylvia @ Collabor88

Clothing: Electra - The Secret Store @ Collabor88, Samira - Baiastice @ Fameshed, Tyr - NYU @ Fameshed, Gretchen - Baiastice @ Collabor88


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New Truth 29 September

Hi! 3 new hairstyles this week...been a bit busy in RL so haven't been getting the releases out as regularly as I'd like! Hopefully back on a weekly schedule soon. 

Yes once upon a time I named a hair Felicity but that was around 6 yrs ago so hopefully you don't still own it :P This one created for my buddy Felicity Blumenthal for her wedding <3

 Anita - Marketplace Demo

Felicity - Marketplace Demo 

Vida - Marketplace Demo


Skin: Glam Affair

Clothing: Felicity - Mutresse, Anita & Vida - Cold Logic


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New Truth 12 September

New hair out now! Venus is at Fameshed and Juniper at The Seasons Story. 

Thanks so much to everyone who applied to be a Truth Blogger. I received over 800 applications so it was really tough to pick 50! If you were selected you would have

 received a notecard in-world. Please keep an eye out for the next round in 3 months. Big thanks again for all your amazing work! 

I've implemented a new HUD for the colour packs so you can now change hair colour easily and with reduced inventory clutter. You'll also see there are a few new colours added to each pack. I hope I met some ppl's wishes to have some of their fav shades returned eg. swedish & espresso...they may be slightly different but should be similar enough. There is a full colour chart included in the new packs (but they are not named or numbered so you will have to click through :P)

Anessa - Marketplace Demo

Rocky - Marketplace Demo

Renata - Marketplace Demo  



Skin: Glam Affair  

Clothing: Anessa - Baiastice, Renata - Rebel Hope, Rocky - Valentina E (all @ Fameshed), Venus - B.C.C, Juniper - C'est la vie ! (both @ The Seasons Story)


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Truth Hair Blogger Applications Now Open!

I'm re-opening the blogger applications since it's been about a year since the last intake and I've accumulated a pretty large group.

I'd like to try something different and accept 50 bloggers for a 3 month period. Existing bloggers will need to re-apply and at the end of the 3 month period applications will re-open and a new group of 50 will be selected (this doesn't mean existing bloggers won't be chosen).

I receive a huge amount of blogger applications every week and I just feel this will give more people a chance than the current method.

Applications close in 2 weeks so please send me a notecard in world with your blog and flickr address. I hope any existing bloggers that don't make it in this round re-apply in the future and I apologise if this creates added work on your side. I do truly appreciate all your hard work, effort and creativity to use my hair in your posts. <3 

New Truth 28 July

3 new womens hairstyles out this week! I've included the subtle roots as a version together with the normal colours. I'll be going through the last half dozen that only came with roots and do the same in the next week so please feel free to either have your item redelivered once this is complete or send me a notecard in world :)


Amaya - Marketplace Demo

Kimbra - Marketplace Demo

Qopi - Marketplace Demo

Credits : 

Skin: Pink Fuel  

Clothing: Cold Logic


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New Truth 22 June

***UPDATE*** I saw a few people with their foreheads sticking out of the Jolene hat so I've updated the packs with a larger version to accommodate this. If you've bought a pack prior you should be able to have it redelivered from the terminal in store, otherwise notecard me in world and I'll send you a replacement! Mens version is adjustable and also resize scripted so it should be fine. 


3 new styles out this week! Joel and Jolene have a hud driven texture change cap. There are 12 options to choose from and a chart of the swatches is available in the demo. Wanda has the subtle roots, same as Colbie from last week! 

Joel - Marketplace Demo

Jolene - Marketplace Demo 

Wanda - Marketplace Demo 



Skin: Jolene & Wanda - Glam Affair, Joel - Nivaro

Clothing: Joel - Redgrave, Jolene - Erratic, Wanda - Rebel Hope  


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