New @ Truth (working on a new post title soon this is getting old!)

Hey! Welcome to the site if this is your first visit... it is nothing fancy right now but I hope to make it a bit of a hub for all things Truth but also SL related things (wtf what things? well I don't know, things!) I am creating a small forum with some random stuff for you to check out... tutorials, helpful tips that sort of thing. I am not syndicating so if you may want to bookmark or you may want to rid this site from your screen just press home on your browser :P

Subscribe! no this is not some spam trap.. reason I say subscribe is that sometimes the subscribe-o-matic really struggles due to SL server performance so if you subscribe I can get a newsletter with info to you faster also at a later date maybe some sort of SL integration (if you are tech minded like that hit me up in world). So this year has flown by, I have been partnered 47 times and made alot of products... I have to admit I am looking forward to just having a chillout over the holiday period with a cold beer. 

This week I have 4 new hairs and a variation version for the Holidays! I am going to endeavor to bring you a gift or two over the December month so stay tuned! The sim had some lag issues this week but Grazia (she has the key to my chastity zip) and I contacted the Lindens and they seemed to have fixed the lag some what... if you are wearing 55 huds 232 attachments and are watching pron at the same time you may experience some lag... see that is maybe a tip we could add to the forum section :P


Pictures below...


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<3 T xoxo.